No other company comes close to what we offer in our package. Design, hosting, SEO, ecommerce, mobile site and social media integration….

One cost forever, that’s our business  As a local website design company in Birmingham, Alabama, Alabama Web Design has provided company’s an amazing outcome on their website experience. We want your website company to be someone you can have direct communication with at all times, have a great return on investment, and show the world your product through website design. As website design is very costly with other companies, ours is guaranteed to fit any budget. We have tailored our programs to out price, out design and out perform everyone else. Alabama Web Design is locally owned and operated in Birmingham, AL and we currently service clients in all of Alabama, Georgia and Texas.

Alabama Web Design price cannot be beat anywhere. We don’t have you send a form for a quote and we don’t have addons or ala carte for additional functions.

Our price is $1,500 for everything.

No hidden fees!

No Contracts!

No charges for changes or anything we do to your website. Our program was designed with the small business in mind.

Alabama Web Design has one of the best S.E.O. programs on the market. While other ocmpany’s charge thousands of dollars for this service, ours is included.

We were built by a programmer so our SEO program updates your website every 4 days, to give you maximum exposure.

You have to be seen on the Internet and it is a must for continuous SEO work for this to happen.

You don’t have time to update your website and make changes to your website. That’s why developed our program the way we have.

Alabama Web Design makes all your changes to your website within 24 hours. This means all you have to do is send an email or text, and watch the changes take place.

Our program was created this way so you can do your job, selling your business, not be tied to a computer.

Alabama Web Design design concept comes with your company in mind.

We don’t use templates nor do we use drag and drop builders. Alabama Web Design gets your company’s marketing concept, engages a custom built design and puts your viewing audience in your company, through your website. So many designs are so different from what the company looks like. We invite you to see all of our work and also designs that are related to your business.

Alabama Web Design builds websites to be compatible on all devices. Since 82% of people search from their cellphones and tablets, we ensure that your website conforms to the diameter of the device that is viewing your website. You have to have a mobile website platform to be recognized on Google. So if your current website doesn't have a mobile website, your are loosing major visibility.

O:(205) 705-7730

Search engine optimization is everything. Alabama Web Design’s program will update your website every 4 days to ensure maximum exposure to all the search engines. Your website has to be seen and everyone Google’s everything. Our SEO package doesn’t cost extra like the other company’s charge for, it’s all included in our package. If your website doesn’t have SEO you might as well turn it off.

REMEMBER… Every other company charges you for SEO, we don’t!

46% of websites are templates

62% of websites have NO mobile website

70% of websites have NO SEO work!

Most customers think selling their products online cost more, and is more time consuming. With the other ocmpany’s, it is. Alabama Web Design makes your eCommerce website, simple, visible and very profitable.

We want you to be successful and selling your product online or allowing customers to pay for your service via your website is a plus.

81% of people buy within the first 3 minutes

Alabama Web Design will build you a custom built website, regardless of size and content.

Your website will be your marketing tool to promote your company and get you more revenue!


Alabama Web Design will setup your social media networks and integrate them within your website so all of them are acting as one team.

If you don’t think you need social media, then you don’t need a business.


Alabama Web Design will make your website an eCommerce website or add ecommerce functions to your site at no extra charge.

If you sell products or service or even receive payments, this is something you need to have. And there is no extra cost for this site.


Your website has to be “mobile friendly” What this means is that it has to be compatible on all devices that are not computers.

If you don’t have a mobile website, you can forget being found in the search engines.


Search Engine Optimization is the work that is done so your website can be seen on the search engine when people search for you.

This is a ton of work and so many parts but we have got this down to a science and we do it for the price of our package.


Alabama Web Design will host your website forever and make all the changes to your website forever, for no charges at all.

Your domain and files will belong to you and all we do is make them part of your website.

Our Package

- Custom built website

- Mobile website

- eCommerce

- SEO Package

- Search Engine Registration

- Unlimited Hosting

- Social Media Intergration

You Cost Forever


We train you how to do changes and we give you unlimited support

Email us here

616 Redlane Rd

Ste: B7

Bham, AL 35215

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